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~~The Official Site of the RHYNO~~
::.. Biography ..::
Real Name: Terry Gerin

Hometown: Michigan

Birthday: October 7th, 1975

Height: 6'3

Weight: 275 lbs

Championships Held:

ECW World Television Title
ECW World Heavyweight Title
WWF Hardcore Title
WCW United States Title

Singles Titles:

04.22.00 - 08.26.00 - ECW Television Champion
09.09.00 - Present - ECW Television Champion
01.07.01 - Present - ECW World Heavyweight Champion
04.17.01 - 05.24.01 - WWF Hardcore Champion
05.28.01 - 06.14.01 - WWF Hardcore Champion
06.25.01 - 06.25.01 - WWF Hardcore Champion
09.23.01 - 10.22.01 - WCW United States Champion

Tag Team Titles:

CWA World Tag Team Titles


Terry Gerin began his wrestling career as an amateur wrestler, wrestling for Annapolis High School for four years and placing fifth in a state wrestling tournament during his senior year. In addition to playing football for eight years. H went to state championships, sophomore, junior, and senior years. His training and exposure to area independent wrestling got him to thinking about a pro career of his own. In 1994 he got in contact with Scott D'Amore,Mickey Doyle, and Denny Kass of Windsor to train him. He was soon wrestling for Border City Wrestling, a Windsor-based promotion He made his professional debut on March 10, 1995 against Kass. He lost by disqualification.
In 1995, he traveled to Germany to wrestle for Otto Wan's Catch Wrestling Association, where he held the tag team titles twice with J.P. Lafitte and Joe Legend. In 1997, he joined a wrestling group in Detroit called "Thug Life" that included Joe E. Legend, Christian Cage (WWE's Christian), Sexton Hardcastle (WWE's Edge) and Bill Skullion.
Terry started working in Austria and Germany for promoters by the names of Otto Wanz and Pierre Williams, in the 1997-1998.
After wrestling all over Germany he made his way to the Philadelphia-based ECW. After a tryout match, he caught the eye of promoter Paul Heyman. He worked with Heyman for a while and Paul took a liking to him. While appearing at a UCW card in London, he got a phone call telling him that Heyman wanted him to come to Philadelphia the next day. He was really impressed by ECW. Rhino made his ECW debut in February of 1999 against Tracey Smothers. He joined forces with Steve Corino, and made his PPV debut at 1999's Anarchy Rulz and competing for the ECW world tag team titles against Raven and Tommy Dreamer. On April 21, 2000, Rhino beat Yoshihiro Tajiri for the ECW world television title. After briefly dropping the title to Kid Kash, he won it back in September.
ECW sadly went under and Rhino joined many other ECW wrestlers in joining to the World Wrestling Federation, where he was renamed Rhyno. He appeared in the WWF, wrestling a "dark match" against Briar Wellington on the undercard of a Raw taping in Cleveland in June, 1998. There, he joined up with his old wrestling friends Edge & Christian, as well as their Team ECK teammate Kurt Angle, to briefly form "Team RECK," which fell to pieces during the King of the Ring tournament. Rhyno immediatly found a niche competing in the hardcore division, and has since had three hardcore title reigns. Rhyno then was on the side of the WCW/ECW alliance as part of the "invasion" angle, added another title to his list of accolades, when he captured the WCW US Title from Tajiri at Unforgiven. He recently returned to the WWE after a serious neck injury. He teamed up with Chris Benoit, but has since turned on Benoit and gone on his own.